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Tax Planning & Preparation

Argent Tax Strategies

Our in-house tax professionals will develop strategies to minimize your tax burden and also prepare your returns.

At Argent, we know tax planning is integral to comprehensive financial planning. Most wealth management firms do not prepare taxes or advise on taxes as they do not have this experience. We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge that comes from preparing tax returns. Preparing returns leads to a deep understanding of our clients’ financial situation, which allows our advisors to be truly holistic in their advice to you.

We don’t outsource our return preparation to other firms or even countries. We do it ourselves to gain knowledge while adding value and advice to you. We don’t outsource tax preparation for another reason – having our advisors prepare your return is more secure. Our tax preparation services (subject to fees separate from our investment advisory fee) include:

  • Creating multi-year tax planning projections and strategies (updated regularly as tax laws change)

  • Preparing tax returns

  • Communicating with the IRS and various state tax authorities

We recognize taxes impact almost every aspect of personal finance. Tax planning can make a significant difference in how effectively you meet your financial objectives. Our advisors work directly with you seeking ways to maximize your overall after-tax and risk-adjusted returns. We believe that having our advisors knowledgeable and trained on tax strategies and preparation gives us far greater insight into our clients’ financial lives. This information is not only valuable in tax strategy but also critical in helping to craft the most comprehensive financial and investment plan.

Once we understand your objectives, we can help you manage onerous income and estate tax costs and guide you through the complicated maze of the tax code. We deliver creative solutions, such as making use of the lifetime gift tax exemption, valuation discount techniques, and deferral opportunities, as well as other tax optimization techniques.