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  • Argent clients have direct access to PE and PRE limited partnerships

  • Private Equity (PE) and Private Real Estate (PRE) may help improve returns and lower risk when used in conjunction with traditional stock and bond portfolios.


  • Trust in the General Partners is paramount.

  • Understand the process, performance, people, and price.

  • General Partners should invest meaningfully in their own strategy.

  • The General Partners should be skilled, and the strategy should be differentiated.

  • Argent prefers small funds in niche markets.  


  • Argent conducts investment due diligence, Mercer conducts operational due diligence to ensure General Partners follow best practices.

  • Determine the ideal percentage of PE and PRE based on client circumstances.

    • From there, build a self-funding ladder diversified by firm, vintage year and type of deal

    • Type of deal:

      • Private Equity

        • Direct, Co-Investments, Secondaries

        • Diversified across industries and sectors

      • Private Real Estate

        • Residential, Industrial, Office, Infrastructure, Hospitality


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