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Argent Fixed Income Offerings

Provided by Hightower Investment Solutions

Argent Wealth Management and Hightower Investment Solutions, an affiliated investment manager, are partnering to offer investment-grade corporate, municipal, and blended bond accounts that can be tailored to the individual needs of Argent Wealth Management clients.

The combined experience of both teams allows for the creation of customized client portfolios that offer yield curve positioning while employing quantitative and fundamental credit analysis to select sectors and securities appropriate for the client’s portfolio and objectives.

The SMA structure allows our team to implement a high degree of customization for clients. This can include state/regional exposure, duration targets and sector restrictions. The team manages four overarching strategies: Intermediate, Ladder, High Yield and Cash Management.

Lee Majkrzak, CFA, is the Hightower Investment Solutions Head of Fixed Income & Senior Portfolio Manager with 19 years of industry experience as a trader and portfolio manager. Jeff Brown, CFA, is the Hightower Investment Solutions Investment Analyst & Fixed Income analyst with nine years of industry experience.

Potential Key Benefits

  • Skilled market access, research, and execution

  • Regular commentary from the portfolio team

  • Transparent insight into portfolio manager’s strategy, positioning, and trades

  • Partnership with Hightower’s fixed income trading desk provides Investment Solutions a more complete view on bond markets, plus no fees or mark-ups

  • Portfolio reviews and analysis

  • Ability to hold unmanaged assets and apply custom restrictions

  • SMA structure helps to eliminate negative impacts from fund flows which may occur within ETFs and mutual funds.

  • Competitive/ low cost

Primary Ideologies

1. Portfolios focused on capital preservation, income, and capital appreciation
2. Inefficiency within fixed income markets can be exploited through active management
3. To generate alpha, investors must utilize multiple layers of active management:

  • Duration management

  • Yield curve positioning

  • Sector selection & rotation

Investment Solutions’ Team Capabilities

1. Experienced portfolio team
2. Relationships with an array of brokers and dealers around the U.S.
3. Access to macro, credit market and security-level research through a variety of independent and sell-side firms
4. Partnership with CreditSights, providing access to a team of more than 90 fundamental and quantitative credit analysts

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*The fees listed are set by Investment Solutions and are in addition to your current advisory fees from Argent Wealth Management.

Investment Team

Our experienced, skilled, visible team of investment professionals combines the capabilities and resources of an institutional asset manager with the service and accessibility of a boutique manager.

Argent Wealth Management

Matthew Ristuccia Argent Investment Team

Matthew Ristuccia, MBA, CFA®
Chief Investment Officer, Principal
18 years of industry experience

pat briand headshot

Patrick Briand
Investment Analyst & Trading Associate
3 years of industry experience

Hightower Investment Solutions

argent hightower investment solutions lee majkrzak

Lee Majkrzak, CFA®
Hightower Head of Fixed Income & Senior Portfolio Manager
20 years of industry experience


Jeffrey Brown, CFA®
Hightower Investment Analyst, Fixed Income
9 years of industry experience