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Case Study


Situation Snapshot

The founder of a successful technology business was considering selling her business. With two young sons and a daughter, the entrepreneur wanted to “button up” her financial structure and provide money for the children and her siblings. Unhappy with the turnover at her brokerage firm, she was referred to Argent Wealth Management by an Argent client. She expressed concern about the tax implications of the sale of her business and the level of income her portfolio would generate after the sale.


Through the Argent Wealth Management onboarding process, we listened to the entrepreneur’s concerns about the sale of the business and talked about her desire to invest the proceeds from the sale to generate regular income and provide for future generations. The process also involved reviewing tax strategies associated with the sale of her company.

Client Outcome

  • Discussed strategy to sell and transition the business

  • Internal tax team determined that her stock qualified for special small business tax treatment, saving her $2.3MM on the final sale of the business

  • Invested liquid assets in a fully diversified portfolio

  • Drafted a new estate plan taking advantage of various planning techniques

Our wealth management case studies are based on actual and hypothetical client circumstances, fictionalized for confidentiality.