At Argent Wealth Management, we know tax planning must be proactive. We develop strategies with clients designed to meet their financial needs while minimizing their tax burden. Our tax services include:

  • Creating multi-year tax planning strategies (updated regularly as tax laws change)
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Communicating with the IRS and various state tax authorities

We recognize taxes impact almost every aspect of personal finance. Tax planning can make a significant difference in how effectively you meet your financial objectives. We work to maximize your overall after-tax and risk-adjusted returns. 

Our goal is to understand your objectives in an effort to help you manage onerous income and estate tax costs while guiding you through the complicated maze of the alternative minimum tax (AMT). We deliver creative solutions, such as making use of the lifetime gift tax exemption, valuation discount techniques, and deferral opportunities, as well as other tax optimization techniques. 

Contact us to speak with an Argent Wealth Management tax advisor. Our team is here to help you create a tax plan that meets your financial needs while minimizing your tax burden.