Argent Wealth Management - Planning for Entrepreneurs and ExecutivesEntrepreneurs and executives face challenges and situations that require sound advice and specialized expertise. At Argent Wealth Management, we help entrepreneurs and executives assess complex offerings such as corporate compensation and benefits programs and develop comprehensive strategies to maximize their wealth.

We assist with compensation planning, employment agreements, incentive plans, nonqualified stock options, and restricted stock plans. For clients with stock options, we have developed a proprietary model to optimize results.  

For entrepreneurs, a key issue is business continuity. We help closely-held business owners sort through the complex choices affecting the business’ long-term success, the owner’s financial goals, and the well-being of the owner’s family. Owners of closely-held businesses face unique challenges in managing their wealth but also enjoy many special advantages in optimizing and transferring the value of those business assets. We design strategies to maximize value and minimize income, gift, and estate taxes.  

​Whether a “rising star,” at the top of the corporate ladder, or an entrepreneur with an intricate array of financial issues, your future depends on solid planning and comprehensive strategies to both retain and maximize resources.  

Contact us to speak with an Argent Wealth Management financial advisor. Our team is here to help you address the complex challenges facing entrepreneurs and executives.