Argent Wealth Management - Investment ManagementHaving invested on behalf of clients for over a quarter of a century, the investment professionals at Argent Wealth Management have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. 

Furthermore, since our compensation comes from fee-only revenue from clients, our investment process is completely objective. This allows us to focus solely on maximizing after-tax, after-fee returns for you. 

To accomplish this, Argent Wealth Management uses both traditional and alternative investments — an endowment approach to investment management. At least 90% of return comes from asset allocation, so it is crucial to do this correctly.  Portfolios which combine traditional investments (stocks and bonds) and alternative investments (private equity, real estate, hedge funds) have had better long-term returns with less risk than traditional investments only. Argent Wealth Management has developed proven investment expertise in our more than quarter of a century history. We use this expertise to help our clients achieve their goals with less risk than a traditional stock and bond portfolio. 

Our perspective is global. There are many markets across asset classes around the world. At any given time, some markets are less efficiently priced than others, often due to investors’ emotions and behavioral biases. Lack of efficiency across global markets creates opportunities, but you must have the capabilities and processes to spot and gain from them. At Argent Wealth Management, we have developed these capabilities and processes for more than a quarter of a century. 

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