Argent Wealth Management


Wealth management consists of two distinct disciplines: financial planning and investment management. At Argent Wealth Management, we believe the two cannot be separated.                    

Using a team approach, we develop a financial plan which reflects your unique circumstances. This includes creating a detailed balance sheet and addressing such issues as estate planning, risk management, philanthropy, retirement planning, and educational funding. 

In the investment arena, we help you preserve, protect, and grow your assets. To do this, we consider your individual goals and objectives, investment time horizon, need for return, and risk tolerance. We then manage your portfolio with ongoing attention to your goals and evolving circumstances. 


As a fiduciary, we must always put your best interests first. A fiduciary is subject to the highest duty of care to its clients under law. While we believe all financial service providers should act as fiduciaries, many unfortunately do not. We also serve as trustee for many clients, giving them the confidence which professional trustees are carrying out their wishes. 

Contact us to speak with an Argent Wealth Management financial advisor. Our team is here to help you achieve your financial goals.